Bitcoin of America

Bringing More and More Bitcoin Kiosks to America


Bitcoin is expanding in some truly fascinating directions, and they all seem to point to one universal fact. It is the authentication of Bitcoin as a viable long-term offering. Though many people may dismiss Bitcoin as a cultural anecdote, others are pursuing some real depth and authority to the platform.

Some of these people are not hobbyists at all. Many of them are, in fact, substantial business leaders. Bitcoin of America is one such supporter. The company sees the magnitude of what Bitcoin could be and frankly, what it should be. They are authorizing widespread authenticity to Bitcoin.

How are they accomplishing this?

The main goal of Bitcoin of America is to provide transfer kiosks across the country. Right now, only a handful exist. But, as Redboxes can be found on just about every corner of America with a Walgreens or a grocery store, the company sees widespread support for Bitcoin kiosks. Enthusiasts are flocking to the kiosks to instantly trade, transfer, revoke, and organize their allotted crypto coins.

Where are most of the kiosks?

Most of the Bitcoin kiosks can be found in two main cities. This is Chicago and Detroit. Clearly, the company has an Eastern or Midwestern slant for their business, but recent expansions to Los Angeles and Baltimore show the coast-spanning directive of the company. This is not just a small effort. The company seeks to bring Bitcoin kiosks all over the country, making Bitcoin transfer as accessible as, say, watching the latest superhero movie.

What the company hopes to accomplish

Consider it a revival. Bitcoin has not always been at the top of the world, but this zig and zag excitement is part of the whole adventure. When reputable companies, with a vision, come onboard and support the platform, it can really thrive in the mainstream. The team wants to see Bitcoin become even more accessible.

Visit Bitcoin of America for more details about what the company is doing now and where the team is going. Visitors to the kiosks can make instant transfers 24 hours a day. It is the fastest turnaround on the market, and it is available right from a box.